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The carrot turmeric soap is doing my skin so good. I wish I did before & after pics. This is the best my face has been in a very long time. 

"I wish I took before & after pics"

I just recommended your products to a friend. She's just in love with the look and growth. I recently got a perm but the growth is on a roll I'm shocked. Haircare is everything! 

"The growth is real!"

@fabbeautyco is the plug plz trust and believe me 👏👏 in between braids I only use her products and the techniques she showed me concerning my hair type to help moisture to hold and be locked in. I love her products my hair is growing. 

"@fabbeautyco is the plug!"

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach our customers that they can have healthy providing them with high-quality natural base products and teaching them how to create a realistic hair routine to fit their lifestyle. Our products are designed to strengthen your hair and to leave your skin glowing. We are based in Freeport, GB, Bahamas but we ship to All Family Islands and the USA. 


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Marissa McIntosh-Thompson


Marissa Thompson is a woman who loves the Lord, a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Marissa founded Fab Beauty Supply based on her own personal hair care needs not able to find products that were right for her. She made her first product Smooth as Butter Moisturizer. Because of her love for hair and the good feedback she received from friends she started to sell her products and build her knowledge of hair care. Marissa believes that everyone can reach their hair care goals, but everyone has a different hair care journey to take. She does not believe in just selling you products, she teaches you how to create a routine that fits your lifestyle, why because consistency is key. With her background, in Office Administration, Accounting, and Marketing Strategies Marissa's goal is to continue to grow Fab Beauty Supply to be an internationally well-known company someday.

" Just a curly hair island girl from The Bahamas with big dreams"

** Please be advised to view all ingredients listed on Fab Beauty Supply products if you are allergic to any fruits, vegetables, or essential oils.